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Thursday, December 15, 2005

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- With an insatiable worldwide appetite for , a new demand has been created for Beverly Hills to take their world of "nip & tuck" across the pond. This Wednesday, April 13, 2005, in conjunction with Endemol Productions and Channel 5 (UK), world-renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Toby G. Mayer, M.D. will perform a new FDA-approved facial rejuvenation procedure and broadcast it LIVE to the United Kingdom on a new documentary series titled, "Cosmetic Surgery Live."

"The demand for more education and real people to share their experiences with has grown incredibly all over the world," explained Dr. Mayer, co-director with Richard Fleming, M.D. of the Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. "We are excited to participate in a show like 'Cosmetic Surgery Live,' which takes the epicenter of beauty (LA) to the United Kingdom."

Dr. Mayer will perform a new FDA-approved procedure called the ENDOTINE Cheek Lift which is ideal for patients ages 35-50 who are not looking for a radical makeover, but a more understated rejuvenation that brings them back 7-10 years. With its five points of contact and absorbable features, the new ENDOTINE device gives patients natural, long-lasting results. It also enhances cheek volume - key to obtaining a more youthful appearance.

During a cheeklift procedure using ENDOTINE, a half-inch incision is made inside a "crows foot" alongside the lower eye. Once the underlying muscle and tissue has been elevated to "lift" the cheek area, the new ENDOTINE Mid Face is placed to capture and elevate the cheek, securing it into the bone and holding it in position until the soft tissue re-adheres to the cheek bone entirely. The ENDOTINE gradually absorbs completely, at which time the tissue is securely attached to the cheekbone lifting the mid-face.

Prior to ENDOTINE, surgeons could only suspend cheek tissue with one point of fixation via a single suture. The weight and stress on the suture usually became too cumbersome, causing pulling of the cheek area. Patients complained of cheek dimpling, and, in some cases, complete reversal of the procedure.

"The new cheeklift procedure is ideal for patients who have drooping in their mid-face and/or a hollow look under the lower eyelids," explained Dr. Mayer. "Our patients are pleased that while recovery time is short, the results are dramatic and long lasting."

Drs. Fleming and Mayer are co-directors of The Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery and Clinical Professors and immediate past chairmen of the Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Southern California School of Medicine. They are dual-board certified/members of the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Visit The ENDOTINE Mid Face device was developed and is manufactured by Coapt Systems of Palo Alto, Calif. and is based upon its patented MultiPoint Technology (MPT(TM)) platform. Visit

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