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Friday, December 23, 2005

CINCINNATI, March 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Plastic surgery is featured in the media more than ever before, from prime time reality television shows to monthly magazine stories, but despite all of the hype, it is still major surgery with real risks and complications. Following are a few key questions to ask your prospective surgeon, as well as what you need to know about your own lifestyle, before you undergo surgery:

   - Make sure that your physician is board certified by The American Board 
of Plastic Surgery. Many physicians practicing as plastic surgeons
advertise that they are board certified, but they don't mention what
their certification is in a different medical specialty, such as
ear, nose and throat, oral surgery, etc.

- Get references from friends or acquaintances whom have had a similar
procedure done by that plastic surgeon.

- The plastic surgeon should also be comfortable showing before and after
photographs of his/her patients, as well as having former patients
discuss their procedures with you. The surgeon should also be
comfortable discussing how many of these procedures they have
performed. Be very realistic about the procedure and results.

- The surgeon should have hospital privileges to do that procedure. Any
surgeon can perform any surgery in his/her own facility. Only
appropriately qualified surgeons can do the same procedure in a
hospital or ambulatory surgery center. Make sure the surgical facility
is appropriately accredited.

- Some health issues also need to be considered. Smoking is one of the
two most detrimental external influences you can have on your aging
process, skin, and the results of your surgery. You should completely
quit at least two weeks before the surgery to allow your body and lungs
to clear some of the damaging chemicals such as carbon monoxide. The
other detrimental influence is excessive sun exposure.

- For the best results, you should be in reasonable shape regarding your
weight and exercise regime. Your blood pressure and any diabetic risk
factors should also be under control.

- The surgeon should also give literature about the procedure, as well as
discuss possible risks and potential complications. No procedure is
without risk and this should be clearly communicated in the
consultation and preoperative discussions.

- The surgeon should be very realistic about the recovery process rather
than give a best-case scenario. Too often a patient is told that the
recovery will be short and easy when there may be bruising, swelling,
and additional time needed.

Dr. Lawrence Kurtzman is a board certified plastic surgeon with The Plastic Surgery Group. With offices in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Crestview Hills, Ky., The Plastic Surgery Group is one of the largest non-academic cosmetic surgery practices in the nation. The physicians work with patients to provide procedures including liposuction, tummy tucks, skin care, hair removal, face lifts and breast enhancement, allowing patients to look great at every age. More information can be accessed at .

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